Boston Forensic Associates services include:

Boston Forensic Associates performs a wide variety of court related evaluations. We have extensive experience in casework involving a broad spectrum of mental health issues. Please take a moment to review our services below and we invite you to contact us with your specific questions.

Criminal Responsibility Evaluation

We provide a thorough evaluation of any mental health issues that may be related to a
person’s legal charges.

Competence to Stand Trial Evaluation

We can assess for any mental health issues that may interfere with the person’s ability to stand

Aid in Sentencing Evaluation

We recognize that there may be a number of individual factors that could have a significant
influence on a person’s life and the choices that they make. While these factors may not rise to
the level of specific legal defense, it might be helpful to have such factors be considered at the
appropriate time in a proceeding. Our professional staff can prepare a report that outlines the
course and influences of a person’s life that may have led to the person that is now standing in
the courtroom.

Neuropsychological Testing

Many cases greatly benefit from the findings from neuropsychological testing. These cases can
involve head injury, exposure to toxin, dementia, learning disability, mental retardation and other
forms of brain-based changes or impairments.

Guardianship/Conservatorship Evaluation

We can provide evaluations for guardianships and conservatorships. We can also perform
evaluations including those involving medication orders as well as prepare and sign medical
certificates. These evaluations can include issues such as managing one’s personal and financial
affairs as well as evaluating medical-decision-making capabilities.

Personality and Psychological Assessment

We can administer and interpret personality tests to assist in addressing a variety of legal issues
including of the presence and subsequent role of trauma, abuse or other psychologically-based

Dangerousness/Violence Risk Assessment

We provide comprehensive risk assessments that are based on a variety of structured and semi-
structured instruments with sound statistical bases to provide support for the findings.

Competency to Waive Miranda Rights Evaluation and Evaluation of Possible False Confessions

Our staff can assist in determining whether a statement may have been influenced by the context
of the interview. We can also evaluate the person’s mental status at the time of the interview.

Evaluation of Medical-Surgical Patient Competency to Make Medical or Treatment Decisions

Our professionals have extensive experience in the assessment process for pre-surgical
screenings involving heart transplants, bariatric and liver transplant procedures.

Immigration Matters and Evaluations

We can perform evaluations regarding relevant mental health issues and evaluations related to a
variety of immigration processes and proceedings.